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Office Interior Design

Interior Design Services

This is the look and feel of the interior of the office space. Let your creative genius out and work closely with the interior designers to figure out what you want your office space to say about you.

There are many studies on human behavior in the workplace that you will have access to and be able to apply to your new office space. The interior design of your office should reflect your company’s organizational culture and brand and will assist in attracting and retaining staff and clients and helps to produce a conducive working environment.

The design of the office can also build brand recognition with staff and clients alike. Subtle branding throughout the office can send a common message to the company and provide a sense of unity and togetherness.

Office Designers Sydney

Office Designers Sydney

Why Interior Design?

– Allows employees to engage more in the work environment and become more productive – making you more money
– It helps making work a more welcoming environment which can retain existing staff and attract new employees

Different Types of Spaces you can consider:

– Pause area
– Quite space
– Focused work
– Team work
– Confidential work
– Social environment

Fun Ideas to liven up your work space:

– Brag Wall – create a brag wall where you can display all your major clients / deals / achievements
– Honors Board – get your key staff performers names up in lights. Have an annual award each year and put the winning staff members name on an honours board. That’s right, just like in the old school days. Its cheap and it makes employees feel appreciated
– Acoustic Wallpaper – you can use wallpaper to reduce the sound’s reverberation in the office. Especially if it is a sales environment with tons of calls. It will make staff more comfortable to make that extra call every day
 – Call / Meeting Booths – this is the rage at the moment. Small moveable soundproof booths that can be placed in the middle of an open plan environment and still provide you with the confidentiality that you need. You can make confidential calls and have one on one meetings with staff members without anyone even batting an eyelid

Need to plan the perfect space for your staff, within budget? Contact Zeebra to compare quotes and save!