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Procurement of Office Furniture


Procurement is the sourcing of products like office furniture and services for the implementation of your project. We source the most cost effective products. It sounds simple. And it is. For us.

Zeebra has contacts throughout the property and construction industry that we have established a relationship with over a number of years. These relationships allow us to purchase at huge discounts from retail prices. We pass ALL of these savings on to you.

We source products both locally and internationally for all types of clients. Anything from dry walling, carpets, tiling, moldings, glass, air conditioners, Office Furniture, lights, ceiling boards and any other interior fit out requirement.

Things to consider

– How people move throughout the space
– Match furniture and layout to business requirements
– Ensure the right people are placed in the right spot
– How to make the best use of your space – bang for buck stuff

Top tip

– Get more than one space planning company to give you an idea of how they would set things up for you. Different companies have different ideas…and of course different pricing

Need to plan the perfect space for your staff, within budget? Contact Zeebra to compare quotes and save!