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What is Space Planning?

Space Planning

Space planning is a fundamental building block for the interior design of an office space. The space planner conducts an assessment of the best use of your office space and provides you with a number of suitable alternatives to choose from. Once you know how much space you need and have found an office that suits your needs, then the space planning process can begin. It lays out the different areas within the office space that is the best use of the space, given the type of business and number of staff within the space.

The space planner develops a space plan for the chosen space and shows you what you would look like in your new offices. It illustrates the different work areas and support spaces. There is also the flexibility to be able to move the office space around in conjunction with the space planner.

Space planning allows a company to ensure that their staff will fit into their new office space in a way that will make them efficient and effective. It also ensures that the working conditions that your staff will work in are optimal for peak performance and at the same time create a feeling of well being and belonging. With staff costs and rental generally being two of the major costs within a company, space planning forms an integral part of ensuring that the office space is used optimally and that staff are inspired by the surroundings to be more productive and efficient.

Things to consider

– How people move throughout the space
– Match furniture and layout to business requirements
– Ensure the right people are placed in the right spot
– How to make the best use of your space – bang for buck stuff

Top tip

– Get more than one space planning company to give you an idea of how they would set things up for you. Different companies have different ideas…and of course different pricing

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